Lucent Soft always try to learn or create new things to be fit in this fastest growing tech world.
So we always be knowledgeful to help earn more revenues from netwrok.

Online advertising.

Three types of advertising are Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. And Our team is expert in this fields.

Search Engine Optimisation

We really love this part of tech, As it gives free traffic from search engine when it;s done quite right.

Online Content and Blogging

We learn that to be publisher or affiliate you need this thing as source to earn/learn. So we love this field.

Social Media Management and Listening

Many needs SMM, Cause creators can earn more by focusing on making conten. So they need SMM to grow.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising refers to the promotion of products and services through the use of mobile technology.


We are into making money games. Soon launching.

Our Skills

Graphic Design








Why People like us?

we like to achieve more goals

Lucent soft has achieved good revenue per month. and more goal to go.

We always manage timing of communication and also be grateful to make network connection.

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